A successful CEO and Business Owner who also runs 3 high-performing Vistage peer groups with over 50 active and alumni members.
Motivator and leader, with assertive hands-on style and extensive corporate and line management experience. 
Skilled consensus builder.
Perceptive business strategist with a talent for identifying potential situations before they become critical. 
Accomplished communicator, equally at home on the podium or shop floor with the ability to present complex issues in easy to understand terms.
Astute financial analyst with a thorough knowledge of financial reporting.
Ability to make difficult decisions quickly and decisively.
Patrick J. Mulligan
“...the manager will climb the ladder, the leader will make sure it’s against the right wall...”
Patrick J Mulligan ● Austin, Texas ● Tel: 512-573-0311 ● email: patrickjmulligan@gmail.com 
● Affiliated websites ● Vistage International mailto:patrickjmulligan@gmail.comhttp://www.vistage.comshapeimage_5_link_0shapeimage_5_link_1