Why Vistage

VISTAGE is the world’s leading CEO membership organization with more than 23,000 CEOs, business owners and key executives in 20 countries. Since 1957, we’ve been helping high integrity leaders make great decisions that benefit their companies, families, and communities.

Members gather monthly with a group of high-caliber peers to discuss issues and pursue opportunities in a confidential setting. Members come from non-competing industries, so they can speak candidly and gain agenda-free advice from others who have faced similar challenges.

In addition, members have access to other valuable assets:

Vistage Networks, a trusted online global forum of 22 industry specific affiliations available on a 24-hour basis.
Friday lunchtime webinars, which can be viewed at your desk or broadcast to your conference room for your staff.
A data driven website of articles and best practices posted by members and chairs, and curated by the Vistage organization.
Healthnet. Free membership in a priority concierge service for medical appointments with, and recommendations to, the top medical specialists in the country.

The Right Fit

A candidate for Vistage membership is passionate about business and willing to be challenged and held accountable by a group of like-minded peers and business leaders, who work in a broad array of categories.

You could be a candidate if:

You want to grow professionally and personally
You are organized, so you can spend one day a month working on your business growth.
Your company is profitable with good cash flow
You agree to bring energy and integrity to 
all meetings and one-on-ones and maintain strict confidentiality

CEO Group:

To be eligible for membership 
in a CEO Group you lead a company with Revenues of between $10 Million to $500 Million and are the key decision member.

KEY/SMB Group:

To be eligible for membership in a KEY/SMB Group you report to the leader of a company with Revenues of between $10 Million and $500 Million: or you lead a successful company with revenues of less than $5 Million.

Trusted Advisors Group:

To be eligible for membership in a TA Group, you are the trusted Advisor to leaders of companies with revenues between $5 to $500 Million and you have a strong Network of fellow 
Trusted Advisors.

Pat Mulligan, Vistage Master Chair, Austin, TX

Patrick Mulligan
I am a business mentor and strategist with over 35 years of experience as a CEO and business owner. During the past 14 years as a Vistage Peer Advisory Chair, I have spent thousands of hours helping Business Owners, Key Executives and Trusted Advisors, navigate their business and personal challenges and achieve their goals. My Vistage story started in 1987 when, as a young CEO, 
I sought out private equity to help purchase a division of a successful California construction company. As a newly minted Vistage member, I joined 12 seasoned business leaders, who helped me grow my business, as I helped them grow theirs, and was able to more than double the size of my company and invest in the future. As a Business Leader I have also sat in many of the seats you have occupied or will occupy during your career. In 2004, I moved to the Austin Hill Country and started growing my Vistage practice. I am now a multi-year Chair Excellence Award Winner and Master Chair with three high-performing groups of successful business leaders. I am also involved in the corporate governance of a number of private businesses.

I am also known as:

A motivator and leader, with an assertive, hands-on style and extensive corporate and strategic management experience
A perceptive business strategist with a talent for identifying potential situations before they become critical
A skilled consensus builder
An accomplished communicator equally at home on a podium or corporate setting, with the ability to present complex issues in easy to understand terms


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If you are interested in exploring membership in one of my peer groups, please call me at (512) 573-0311.